Accelerate your C/C++ builds by up to 5x.

BuildInfer is a next generation build-system analysis and optimization tool.

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Accelerate your build-process to maximize developer productivity and reduce time-to-market.

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  • Dramatically reduce the cost of code-changes

  • Improved time-to-market

  • Works with any build system

  • Incremental build-times reduced to almost zero

  • Share cached build artefacts across your team

  • One-time transformation for permanent build acceleration

How it Works

analyzes your project's build process to find optimization opportunities.


1. Record

executes your build to track its dependency graph.

2. Analyze

analyzes the dependency graph to extract high-level information about your build process.


3. Transpile

uses its analysis to generate optimized build scripts for your project.

Case Study


Mapnik is an open-source mapping toolkit used by OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, CartoDB and more.

We used BuildInfer to analyze and optimize the Mapnik build process (Scons).

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Key Results

  • Build-time reduced from 30 minutes to 6 minutes

  • Identified issues with static builds for which we created a pull request

  • Generated visualizations of the project's dependency graph

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